Lorna Bell

portrait lbLorna is a Certified Hospice & Palliative Care Nurse & the coauthor of the classic book, Gentle Yoga, for People with Arthritis, Stroke Damage, MS and in Wheelchairs. She is a minister of consoltation for her church, Funeral Assistant at Rolling Oaks Funeral Home, a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, and a Yoga Facilitatator for the Yoga program for Neuro Fitness Foundation, a specialized gym for those with neurological diseases.

Galvanized by an unshakable sadness after a significant loss, hospice nurse and long time yogi, Lorna Bell, applied Yoga’s methods to her own bereavement experience.  Having developed a Gentle Yoga program for those with chronic illnesses, and those dealing with loss, she found that yoga provides a break in the cycle of emotional pain and body mind imbalance.  This accessible, anywhere tool has been overlooked. Yoga For a Grieving Heart reflects the missing component, grief, to research results shown to help those with depression.  Lorna believes that yoga’s benefits can be available to every body.

Visit Lorna’s website: http://lornabell.com/

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