Laurel Houghton

unnamedLaurel Houghton MA has been dedicated to spiritual practices for over 40 years, including studies in Body/Mind/Spirit at Ca. Institute of Integral Studies, Naropa Institute, the SF Gestalt Institute, and Spirit Rock Meditation Center. She was ordained in 2000 by Thich Nhat Hanh, her primary source of inspiration and teacher. Certified in 3 schools of yoga, she teaches classes and retreats in Yoga, Meditation, Dying and Beyond, and Creative Art Process.

Laurel’s interest in Death, Dying, and Beyond began in the 1970s with an out of body experience which led her to studies with Elizabeth Kubler Ross, Brian Weiss, Ram Dass, and many other pioneers. She was a volunteer in starting one of the first US hospices. Life experiences include the NDEs of her infant daughter and her midwifery of the passing of each parent and also the disabling depression associated with “Complicated grief”.  

Currently Laurel is the owner of a small, gorgeous residential retreat center, Flowing Waters in Mt Shasta, and enjoys teaching retreats and classes in both Fairfax and Mt Shasta, CA.
In Inner journeying, she frequently unplugs to visit her Deeper Self and camps in remote alpine or desert wilderness for meditation.  In Outer Journeys, she challenges herself with learning from other cultures and traveling to international sacred sites.