Conscious Caregiving

Sometimes touching another human being is almost more than I can bear.” – Walt Whitman

Compassionate caregiver & teacher, Frank Ostaseski, often speaks of  “finding a place of rest in the middle of things.” This very profound teaching reminds us of the importance of being vs doing. It is important to practice showing up as our authentic selves, without our own agendas getting in the way.  This allows us to deeply attend to the person we are caring for.

Conscious caregiving isn’t something we do or learn to be better at, it is about allowing ourselves to simply become. It is in our true nature to offer compassion, love, and presence to other human suffering. Can we meet another human exactly where they are and love them through it? This is where conscious caregiving comes into play.

Join us for one of our conscious caregiving workshops. We have selected some of the most compassionate caregivers & teachers from around the world to share their experiences and wisdom with us. We will grow together, by simply allowing ourselves to be together.