Breaking The Taboo

Join Me For An Extrodinary Journey As We Break Through The Taboo of Death In This Eight Week Online Course: 
Accepting Death, Embracing Life 

The fear of death is among the top 10 most feared things in the world.

How can an experience we will all undergo create such a silent, anxiety-driven ripple in our society?

Death is something that lingers close in our minds, yet we associate it as far away as possible from ourselves and our loved ones. It’s closeted and considered an unpopular topic.

So why am I bringing it up?

Believe it or not, death has been my greatest teacher. The loss of two loved ones in my early 20’s woke me up rather quickly to the idea that we are mortal beings. Death isn’t typically something we turn towards in our 20’s, however I had the opportunity to do so. I served as a hospice volunteer and I was present for people who were actively dying. I discovered that death isn’t something to be feared, but rather something to be embraced. Death is a very intimate piece of life, and it’s a key element to being able to embrace life fully.

The fact that we are mortal, makes life that much sweeter.

I’ve traveled throughout the world and have been privileged to meet some extraordinary souls. A common quality I have recognized in those people is that they have the understanding that in order to thrive in life, we must work through our fears, including the fear of death.

Life is short, we must make the most of our time here.

So how do we do this? How do we work through these fears and unlock the freedom to experience life moment-to-moment?

I’ve always been the girl that reads magazines in reverse and peeks at the last chapter of the book before beginning it.

I like to look at life this way. Why not take a look into the final chapter first?

The reality is that death education is pretty poor in the U.S. We are deprived from learning about death and the emotions it carries until it abruptly shows up in our lives, via a loved one or pet. Typically we don’t acknowledge death until it intrudes unwantedly into our lives. It shocks us and gets a pretty bad reputation for doing so.

So where am I going with all of this?

It’s in the form of an invitation. I am inviting each of you to take a peek into the final chapter. No this is not a crystal ball to tell you how or when you will die, but it is an opportunity to come to terms with the fact that one day you will.  All of us will.

Why am I presenting this invitation? (You may be wondering)

There are a quites few reasons actually:

  • The more aware you become of the death process, the more extraordinary the present moment becomes.
  • When death shows up at your doorstep, you will have the tools and be well equipped to turn towards it instead of away from it due to fear.
  • You are breaking one of the biggest taboos and that’s just freaking awesome!
  • You will begin to make the most of your time here. You will thrive and learn to do the things that make your mind, body, and spirit happy.
  • The idea of ‘leaving a legacy’ will haunt you – but in a motivating and positive way. You will begin asking yourself “what do I want to be remembered for?”
  • You will come to peace with the beautiful cycle of life and death.

If any of the above resonates with you, then I would like to extend a personal invitation for you to join my upcoming online course where together we will break through the taboo of death where a meaningful and fuller life awaits us.

You may thinking that all of the above sounds too hard or a bit depressing – but let me assure you it’s not! I coordinated a conscious dying summit in 2014 and the laughter and joy that was born from that weekend was immeasurable. People left feeling lighter and ready to embrace their lives with more presence and purpose.

This course is an opportunity to become a bit more intimate with death, which in turn ignites a deeper and more profound connection with life. I assure you that if you commit to working the whole course, you will also emerge feeling lighter and empowered to live life to the fullest capacity.

The neat thing about death awareness if that once you turn the light bulb on, the light remains for the duration of your lifetime.

Death then becomes your greatest teacher, walking next to you through this extraordinary adventure of life.

This 8-week online course begins September 8th. 75% of the course is self-paced, featuring 12 instructional videos and assignments to help transform your life.  The other 25% of the course includes bi-weekly LIVE webinars with extraordinary guest speakers. You will also be paired up with a buddy throughout the course. When the course launches you will have immediate access to all 12 instructional videos and content.

Here’s exactly what you’ll receive during this Interactive Course:

  •  Access to group discussions and one-on-one conversations about fears, life, death, and the things blocking  you from living life fully.
  •  Lifetime access to instructional videos on how to unlock fears around death, to begin living life moment-to-moment.
  •  Videos with guest speakers who will share how death awareness has propelled them forward to embrace their passions and live their life with purpose.
  •  LIVE webinars with influential pioneers on life, death, and all of the inspiring things in-between.
  •  A glimpse into end-of-life stories to help paint a picture of what a conscious death can look like.

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