About Us

We offer resources, trainings, and events on the topics of conscious aging, caregiving, dying, and grief.

Erin Coriell (founder) is an end of life care advocate, writer, and grief worker.  Her curiosity of death sparked, as it often does, after the loss of two of her best friends. She served as an active hospice volunteer for five years, offering her presence and companionship at the bedside. After studying with one of the great pioneers in death & dying, Ram Dass, Erin began her journey on the path of death awareness. In 2014, Erin co-organized The Conscious Dying Summit, an educational summit that focused on the many facets of death. In early 2015, Erin founded The Conscious Dying Network, a collaboration of speakers, teachers, and life-long pioneers in the field of conscious dying. Erin currently serves as the founder and event coordinator, offering educational trainings and workshops on the topics of caregiving, aging, dying, and grief.

Erin has been featured on Refinery29 and is a regular contributor for The Huffington Post.

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